Environmental Prizes

Urban Land Institute (ULI), 2002

In 2002, Tremblant Resort was awarded a prestigious ULI (Urban Land Institute) prize in the large-scale recreation project category. Tremblant's development project merited the award based on the following criteria: financial viability, clever use of the site, layout, and respect for both the community and the environment. The jury also highlighted Tremblant's innovation in integrating its novel architecture into the beauty of the resort's natural surroundings.

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Silver Eagle Award 2000, Finalist

While developing the Versant Soleil, Tremblant Resort designed its narrow, winding trails in such a way as to leave an untouched strip of vegetation beside its mountain streams, which in turn prevents warm-up and sediment contamination. This innovative trail layout was made possible by judicious planning, the use of a helicopter to haul materials, the minimal use of equipment, as well as by immediate replanting. Both the ingenuity of the trail design and the minimum environmental impact earned Tremblant Resort the rank of finalist for a Silver Eagle Award in the wildlife habitat protection category.

Phénix de l'environnement  2000, Finalist

In 2000, Tremblant Resort ceded more than one quarter of its leased land (18 km²), including Johanssen Peak (the highest peak in the Laurentians), to Mont Tremblant National Park. This gesture ensures that this exceptional ecological site will benefit future generations. For its efforts, Tremblant Resort was named a Phénix finalist in the biodiversity and conservation category.

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