When it comes to the environment, recognition is a secondary matter. Nevertheless, Tremblant is proud to receive awards acknowledging the dedication of its employees.


Nominee for Phénix Environmental Award

The reputation of the Phénix Environmental Awards is firmly established. As the highest environmental distinction in Québec, it rewards excellence in sustainable development. Station Mont Tremblant entered its landfill waste reduction programme by which composting stations were introduced at the ski area’s assorted foodservices (Chalet des Voyageurs, Grand Manitou and Fourchette du Diable). The project was retained among this year’s finalists, and the team has been invited to the National Assembly’s ‘salon rouge’ in Quebec City as part of the September 18 Gala when winners will be announced. All finalists are also eligibleto win Hydro Québec's People’s Choice Award.

Winner of Environment & Sustainable Development Award

Since 2005, the selective waste sorting programme has become well rooted at Station Mont Tremblant. By implementing composting to the existing waste reduction strategy, the firm has won the 2014 Environment & Sustainable Development Award presented by Association des stations de ski du Québec (ASSQ). "Environmental issues are certainly a high priority for us, but this type of programme has an even broader scope because it educates our employees, visitors and children about environmentally friendly practices that extend well beyond our installations. These new ways of ensuring sustainability affect both our environment and our children, and this makes us very proud," says Patrice Malo, President and Chief Operating Officer at Station Mont Tremblant.