Our goal is to ensure that future generations also experience nature at its very best. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors enjoy their favourite outdoor activities in Tremblant's beautiful and diverse natural environment. In order to continue to offer such a high quality experience, Tremblant reviews its activities and practices on an ongoing basis to constantly improve its sustainable development performance.

In order to respect these values, we observe the following principles:
  • Respect environmental laws and regulations.
  • Use the necessary measures to prevent pollution, conserve and make rational use of the natural resources that are essential to our operations, and put in place any required emergency plans.
  • Evaluate and systematically document environmental performance in order to ensure that it complies with our continuous improvement principles.
  • Put into action the Sustainable Slopes environmental charter for the use of our natural resources.
  • Communicate our commitment to improving and upholding environmental performance to all of Tremblant's employees, contractors, suppliers, communities and guests.