The Mon Tremblant Program

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The program

For its 75th anniversary, Station Mont Tremblant is proud to have created the Mon Tremblant program, which allows more than 1,400 kids aged 5 to 12 free slope access. Kids will enjoy a free ski day, free equipment and a 2-hour ski lesson. During this day, all student will get a customized Mon Tremblant membership allowing them to hit the slopes for a price as low as $7.50 a day and enjoy a 50% discount on lessons and equipment until the end of the 75th season.

Objective: Future stars!

From the Mont-Tremblant Ski Club foundation created by Curé Deslauriers in 1934, until today, the passion for skiing continues to be passed down to youngsters from generation to generation. More particularly this year, Tremblant takes on the challenge of making ski more accessible to all kids of the region in order for them to feel a sense of belonging to the vast playground, we know as the mountain.

Targeted schools

The schools targeted for this program are Le Pavillon Fleur-Soleil, Le Pavillon La Ribambelle, Le Pavillon Tournesol, Le Pavillon Trois-Saisons, L’école L’Arc-en-ciel, L’école L’Odyssée, L’école La Relève, L’école Le Carrefour, L’école Le Tremplin and the Arundel Elementary School.

Mon Tremblant Program Video Recap


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