Summer Entertainment

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Children and adults' entertainment is everywhere in Tremblant's pedestrian village during the summer season! Enjoy the street entertainers, games, magicians and more! These daily activities are free.

Please note schedules are subject to change without notice. Check activity schedules by contacting the Information Centre at 819-681-3000, ext. 46643.


From June 17 to September 1 | Pedestrian village
This summer, a joyful horde of creatures, each more amusing than the next, will invade the village of Tremblant! "Bestibuzz" is overflowing with energy and will spread good cheer along its path with dance and acrobatic performances to take your breath away. Grab a glowing accessory and join in the evening parade that meanders through the pedestrian village’s lit streets. Take a few photos with the "Bestibuzz" and bring their colouring book home to keep the fun going for days to come!

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Discover characters

Dazz the honeybee


The honeybee. He is a great leader and the most docile of the group. He is proud of his gang and their exploits, with stories he takes pleasure in recounting over and over again. He is charming and a little old-school as he will kiss a woman’s hand and bow down before her. He will even recite strange poems to anyone who will listen although his talent for rhyming leaves much to be desired!

Moz the fly


The fly. Despite his superhero airs, he is rather clumsy. However, he is the funniest of the gang! Fearless and passionate about challenges, he loves races and competitions: Who can jump the highest? Who can hit his hand the hardest? Although he rarely wins, everyone loves his humour and his endless repertoire of jokes!

Pixelle the ladybug


The ladybug. Much like ladybugs, Pixelle has a tendency to end up in funny situations. She is very curious, and attracted by beauty with a desire to see things up close which lands her in the strangest of places. She wants to be friends with everyone and will do anything to find something in common with both the young and the old, regardless of how inconspicuous it may be!

Zules the dragonfly


The dragonfly. Dragonflies have several abilities and Zules is no exception. He can do anything and it is not an exaggeration to say that he knows everything! His knowledge of science has pushed him to dream big, a crazy dream for any creature: to go to space! When he talks about this eccentric project, you can tell that he is deeply fascinated! Spectators will be amazed and charmed by this dragonfly’s astronaut ambition.

Azélia the butterfly


The butterfly. With her grace and impressive beauty, Azelia is the princess of the group. She is passionate about fashion and clothes, with a special attraction for bright colours and flowery designs. She loves complimenting people on their clothing and will suggest totally wacky clothing ideas, such as an enormous sunflower-shaped hat for women and carrot-orange jackets for men!


Pedestrian village
Prepare to be mesmerized by balloons and a truly colourful character! Marc-Ambulles, a multi-talented street performer, will stroll Tremblant’s pedestrian village all summer long, giving away incredible balloon sculptures to the little ones and smiles to everyone!

Meet Toufou

Discover fun play areas for kids, where they can climb, slide, and play hide 'n seek to their heart's content at Tremblant Resort!

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