The programming is an important part of the unique experience guests enjoy at Tremblant. An integrated programming of public, interactive and educational activities, special events and international happenings makes it possible to attract different clienteles throughout the year, including the soft periods, and create on-site entertainment to improve the guests' experience. In conjunction with Station Mont Tremblant (SMT), the Tremblant Resort Association (TRA) is responsible for developing a program of activities and entertainment of interest to clienteles targeted by the marketing plan. In addition, its responsibilities also include finding sponsors and obtaining grants to carry out various events.

With several major events, the creation of a summer festival and daily entertainment throughout the summer, guests now enjoy more than 250 days of entertainment per year. This plays a big part in making Tremblant the most entertaining resort in North America.

Véronique Martino
Programming Director

Renée Faille
Production and Administration Assistant

Pierre-Alexandre Legault
Production Coordinator

Marc-André Charron
Production Coordinator