Six committees were formed to address specific needs

Tremblant Marketing Group

The TMG was established to support a common marketing vision focused on selling Tremblant as a destination in different markets, and to ensure that marketing measures serve the best interests of all resort partners, contributing to the prosperity of each and every one.

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Business Destination

Formerly called the Convention Committee, the Business Destination Committee is a sub-committee of the Tremblant Marketing Group (TMG), formed in 2003.

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The Aquaclub committee defines the establishment's orientations and tracks results of La Source Aquaclub.

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Permanent Arc

The Permanent ARC committee manages the All Resort Cost (ARC) management system established in 1999.

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The Finance committee analyzes the financial statements at each meeting and presents financial recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Finance committee approves the attribution of the contracts and projects financed by the capital funds throughout the year.

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Board members must appoint an auditing committee consisting of at least three members of the Association. Among other things, this committee is responsible for reviewing the Association's financial statements prior to their approval by the board.

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