Transactional Policy

Pricing and Availability

Mont-Tremblant Reservations is not a travel agent as described in the Quebec's Travel Agents Act. Use of both e-commerce service and reservation call center are absolutely free of charge. This reservation services are provided by the Association de villégiature de la station Mont Tremblant Act.

Our e-commerce service is only intended to provide the user with the description, availability and pricing of goods and services sold by Tremblant's service providers and forwarding these reservations or purchase requests to those providers.

All transactions involve directly and exclusively the services provider and their customers.

Mont-Tremblant Reservations is neither the representative nor the agent of those providers and shall not be involved in any way in any claim or dispute that may arise between a service provider and their customers.

Any user making a reservation through agrees to comply with the terms and conditions for making, changing and canceling reservations, as described by the service provider at the time of reservation.

Although Mont-Tremblant Reservations offers no guarantees concerning products and services available from the service providers presented therein, Mont-Tremblant Reservations is committed to protect all users who buy such products and services. Thus, all service providers wishing to offer their products and services through Mont-Tremblant Reservations must agree to honor all transactions as announced and sold via the Web site. Any failure to meet this commitment as reported to Intrawest Central Reservations in the form of a written complaint to . This provision does not involve any responsibility from Mont-Tremblant Reservations, but our customer service will follow up with such provider and will take such action and at its sole discretion it deems necessary to avoid such reported situation to be repeated.

Changing or Canceling a reservation

Users who have reserved a product or service Mont-Tremblant Reservations and wish to change or cancel their reservation acknowledge having to comply with the conditions for changing or canceling a reservation as specified by the service provider at the time of booking.

Conversion rates

Unless otherwise indicated, prices displayed on the site are in Canadian dollars. Prices displayed in other currencies are calculated using the exchange rate at the moment they are advertised thus these amounts are approximate; the real price will vary depending on the exchange rate on the day of payment and the conversion applied by the provider.


Mont-Tremblant Reservations can not be held liable for any damages of any kind resulting from the use of services and equipment, or for any errors, omissions, interruptions, delays or defects related services and equipment or data provided by the services and equipment providers.

Mont-Tremblant Reservations deploys reasonable measures of verification and updates to ensure the reliability of information described in relation to goods and services offered on

However Mont-Tremblant Reservationscan not provide guarantees of any kind in regards of content or quality of products offered and may not be liable for errors or omissions of any kind which have been communicated by providers of goods and services.