Tremblant Resort Association Royalty

Tremblant Resort Association is a non-profit organisation founded in 1993 by the National Assembly of Québec. It has more than 2400 members, including Station Mont Tremblant, and ensures that guests enjoy a unique and truly memorable experience, by offering top-notch entertainment, events and shows, the majority being free, as well as world-class services and facilities.

To help it fulfil its mandates, a royalty, equivalent to 3% of the price advertised or payable for accommodation and to 3% of the listed or advertised price of the goods and services offered in all member's establishments will be added to your invoice. This royalty corresponds to the percentage of the contribution determined by the Tremblant Resort Association.

This notice is given to you in accordance with the Regulations to the Consumer Protection Act (Articles 91.6 and 91.7).

How is the royalty calculated?

Lodging, Products, Services
Purchase Price
+ 3% Royalty

+ 5% GST*
+ 9.975% PST*

* The percentage of the federal and provincial taxes is shown as an example as it may be subject to changes.

For more information
Tremblant Resort Association
1000, Chemin des Voyageurs
Mont-Tremblant, Québec, J8E 1T1
819-681-4800, ext. 47799