Mission, Vision, Mandates and Values

Our mission

Promote, foster and contribute to the development and optimal operation of Tremblant, a four-season international resort.

Our vision

The Tremblant Resort Association is known for its vital contribution to Tremblant's development. This contribution particularly emphasizes:
  • Its active participation in growth of visitors for its members;
  • Its leadership with members and its influence with partners;
  • Its overall approach that incorporates a wide range of products and services;
  • Its continuing commitment to Tremblant's enduring success.

Our mandates

The Tremblant Resort Association's mandates are:
  • Actively contribute to increasing the number of visitors to the site;
  • Promote the Tremblant destination in particular by building current markets and developing new markets;
  • Contribute to guests' positive experience with an integrated programming and services that meet their expectations;
  • Represent the Tremblant destination outside the resort;
  • Ensure that high quality standards are maintained in all operations;
  • Efficiently manage common funds originating from the royalties, fees and other sources of revenue from all members;
  • Manage collective equipment for the benefit of members.

Our values

The following values guide the Tremblant Resort Association in its activities:
  • Equity;
  • Partnership;
  • Transparency;
  • Integrity;
  • Creativity and innovation;
  • Exceeding expectations and commitment to Tremblant;
  • Respect for the environment and responsible management of resources in an approach of sustainable development.