In the Pedestrian Village


Wander through Tremblant's picturesque village and discover its various attractions according to your interests. A real treat for your eyes and your taste buds!

Guided Tours

Discover Tremblant through the eyes of Jo Ryan when he first came in the 30s. Travel through time with the different events that made Mont Tremblant the #1 resort centre in Eastern North America. A special one-hour exploration tour that will captivate your whole group.

Photo Rally

See Tremblant through a camera's objective. Challenge the creativity and the spirit of your team members with an unforgettable Photo Rally. With the help of a few clues, they will find mystery locations and win everlasting fame in an original snapshot. Which team will carry off the honours by making up the most unusual photo album? No doubt that it will set the tongues wagging!

Resto-Mix (Progressive dining)

It's well known that Tremblant is among the places that offer the best culinary variety in a single location. Following a planned itinerary, you will visit different restaurants on site and drink your aperitif in one, savour your appetizer in the other, your main course in the next one, and so on up to delicious desserts and soothing liqueurs. Experience all the flavours of Tremblant.

Tasting at La Diable Microbrewery

Tremblant is the host of one of the best traditional breweries in Quebec - La Diable Microbrewery - which was named after the powerful river flowing nearby. Just like a connoisseurs' tasting, come with your colleagues to comment and appreciate up to 6 types of beer made through a unique process developed by our master brewer Pierre Jasmin. You will never drink beer the same way again!


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