Prebooking Advantages


Save time and money while saving yourself from the worries! Book your ski or snowboard rental with all the accessories you need before your arrival.

Travel light

Imagine simply dropping your equipment when you're done, and move on with your day without worries! This is the main reason people enjoy renting their skis, snowboards and accessories on site.

Fast and efficient rental (with Express Rental Service)

Fill out the rental form and rest assured that your pre-adjusted equipment is waiting for you in our rental centres.

Wide choice of skis and snowboards

Either you are a first-timer on the slopes or an experienced glider seeking new challenges, Tremblant has many models for you to rent and over 1,000 of boards and pairs or skis available!

All day long service

Rental Centres open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 days a week!

Close to the gondola

As soon as you have your equipment, jump in one of our 14 lifts to climb up the mountain. Rental centres are minutes away from your first downhill!

Free equipment storage

Overnight, while you're away, securely store your equipment at your hotel or use our Valet Ski service. This service is now free with your pre-booked contract!

Note: Free equipment storage not available for groups.

Included Damage Waiver Protection

Rental prices include protection against all the little nicks, cuts and core shots your equipment can take during the day. Forget about the worries and enjoy your day on the slopes!

Included helmet for kids

We're making sure kids get all the protection possible, so we include the helmet when you rent a complete package of kids skis or snowboard.

Included shoe storage

Leave us your shoes and boots for convenient storage while you're on the mountain.

Save up to 10% by booking your equipment 48 hours in advance

Book your skis online

Prebook your skis now, enjoy its later! Whether you are a first-time skier looking to have some fun or an experienced skier seeking new challenges, rental centres let you enjoy many models of skis for the day or all along your stay.

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Book your snowboard online

Once a rider, always a rider. Find the same equipment that avid riders use. Like you, they prefer to travel light and be worry-free! Top quality equipment is what will turn a beautiful sunny day into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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