Using the lifts

Getting on and off ski lifts seems quite easy. However, disregard for instructions causes 98% of all momentary lift stoppages: falling when getting on or off, unsecured equipment and getting off too early are only a few examples of what may cause an emergency stop. Follow these guidelines and maximize your time on the slopes!

Getting on

  • Make sure your ticket or pass is visible and ready for validation.
  • If this is your first time on the chairlift, watch how others get on for a few minutes.
  • Stay calm and do not rush others.
  • Pay attention to items that could get caught on the chair (long scarves, backpacks, long hair, etc.).
  • Remove pole traps from your wrists and hold your poles with one hand.
  • Align with people you will get on the chair with according to the chair capacity (quadruple chair, groups of four.) Single lines will complete the group when needed.
  • If you get up on the chair with children, follow the instructions given on the sign to this effect (adults must sit between two kids, on the opposite side of the operator).
  • Children under 52 inches (135 cm) must be accompanied by an adult to be allowed on the chairlift.
  • Move all the way up to the gate or the yellow line and wait for your chair. Be attentive and watch your chair as it moves forward.
  • Move all the way up to the red line before sitting on the chair.
  • If you are getting on with young children, help them sit on the chair. If you require assistance, don't hesitate to ask for help from the operator.
  • If you are in the singles' line and there is a seat left on the chair, don't get on at the last second, you could miss the chair and force operators to stop the lift.
  • Lower the safety bar as soon as possible as the chair moves out of the boarding area.
  • The same advice applies to fixed-grip chairlifts and high-speed chairs. Fixed-grip chairs move much faster, you must thus be very comfortable with the lifts before using this type of chairlift. (Lowell Thomas and Edge)
  • Do not swing chairs.

Getting Off

  • Make sure everyone on the chair is ready before you raise the safety bar.
  • Raise the safety bar when the sign prompts you to, never before. A sudden stop could make you fall off.
  • Gather your belongings and prepare to get off.
  • Lift your ski and board tips before reaching the landing.
  • Do not get up from the chair before reaching the red line, when your boots are aligned with the ICI, Here sign.
  • Look straight ahead to get off the chair. You will move in the direction you are looking at. Avoid looking down.
  • Avoid braking on the landing slope. Your ski tips could get crossed and cause you to fall.
  • Move away from the landing area as quickly as possible for other skiers get off behind you.

Getting On

  • Put your skis in the ski carrier located on the gondola doors.
  • Ensure skis will hold in the carrier. If they are too short, take them inside with you.
  • If you need help with your equipment, ask the lift attendant for help before moving toward the gondola.
  • Do not rush; you have plenty of time to get on.
  • Never try to enter the gondola passed the loading zone (red area). This is where the doors shut automatically.
  • Be careful with your poles as you enter the gondola. You could accidentally hit other passengers.
  • Be aware, doors close automatically. Keep your hands away from the door's closing mechanism.
  • If you have a snowboard, you can slide it under the gondola seat or leave it up while holding it in front of you (never lean it on the window without holding it, it could slip and hit a passenger).
  • Remain seated throughout the ride and keep your hands inside the gondola.

Getting off

  • Be courteous, let people closer to the door out first.
  • Pick-up your skis while being careful not to snag your neighbours with your equipment.
  • If you need help to remove your skis from the ski holders, quickly ask an attendant for help.
  • Clear the exit area as quickly as possible.
  • The Magic Carpet is located in the beginners’ area on the South Side.
  • Walk with your skis toward the carpet until your boots are on the carpet and stand still.
  • Leave 3 meters between each person on the carpet to avoid a domino effect if someone falls.
  • Lift your poles to get off the carpet and clear the landing area as quickly as possible.

This is your first time on the mountain?

Learn to Ski and Ride


Start off right! Nothing better than a lesson to learn the fundamentals of ski or snowboard. The Learn to Ski and Ride program includes a lesson, a lift ticket and the equipment rental for the day.

Clothing and Accessorize

The best way to dress for winter is to wear layers. This gives you flexibility to add or remove layers, depending on the weather and your activity.

Code of Conduct

Know the mountain code of conduct. Be safety conscious. It is your responsibility!