Adrénaline Park Pass



per pers., for the season

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Access one of the best snowparks in North America (according to Ski Magazine). With its large and extra-large modules, the Adrénaline Park will surely challenge all freestyle experts!

Why is the Adrénaline Park Pass mandatory?
This pass aims at ensuring safety of all park users. Skiers, riders, parents and friends alike have access to this pass, even if they only plan on watching skiers and snowboarders and not use the modules. Please note that other Tremblant snowparks are opened to all and do not require the Adrénaline Pass Park.

$25 for the season

Royalty and taxes included.
Rates, royalty and taxes are subject to change without notice.

  • Valid for the entire 2014-2015 season.
Purchase and delivery
  • The Adénaline Park Pass is available at these Guest Services Desks:
    • Chalet des Voyageurs
    • Centre Aventure
    • Grand Manitou (Guest Services)
    • North Side
  • All Passholders must sign a risk acknowledgment and acceptance form. This form also stipulates park rules. A parent signature is required for all riders less than 16 years of age.
  • Download Risk recognition and acceptance form (PDF - 350KB), print it, fill it out and take it along to easily pick up your pass at one of our Guest Services Desks.
  • Immediately report your lost or stolen Adrénaline Park Pass at any Guest Services counter. A service fee of $25 will be requested to reprint your pass. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Not refundable.
  • Non-transferable (product cannot be transferred from one person to the next).

Welcome to Adrénaline Park

Become the snow hero you always dreamt to be!

Play Safe!
All users must wear a helmet to enter Tremblant's snowparks. Skiers and snowboarders are encouraged to educate themselves on the benefits and limitations of wearing a helmet. The primary safety consideration - and obligation under the mountain code of conduct - is to ski and ride in a controlled and responsible manner.


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Freestyle enthusiasts have access to 30 acres of landscaped terrain in three different sectors of the mountain.

Student Pass

Students can enjoy unlimited access to the mountain and its glade runs, events and vibrant atmosphere!

Smart Style

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Adrénaline parks adheres to the Smart Style Code of Conduct (Smart Style Freestyle Terrain Safety Initiative).


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