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Lolë has your health at heart and wants women to be active through the Lolë Meet-up Program. The meet-ups are diversified and always presented by a local Lolë Ambassador: Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cardio boxing, Boot Camp, jogging, Nordic pole walking, snowshoeing, Essentrics training, presentations on well-being, etc.
This is a fun Hip Hop Cardio Fitness Class created by Andrea! We incorporated fat burning, super-fun, easy-to-follow routine with moves and music straight from the hottest videos.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp training combines a variety of fitness approaches, such as running, interval training, competitive games and strength-building exercises using weights. This kick-butt, workout helps reduce body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency.

Cardio body building

In Cardio Body Building courses you will do dynamic stretches, intervals, body building exercices and relaxation inspired by Tai Chi. Through these varied exercices you will be able to improve your cardiovascular condition, to maximise weight loss as well as increase the hardening and muscle tone of your body while having a blast outdoor in the park.

Circuit Training

Circuit training makes you feel the burn by alternating 6 to 10 strengthening stations with cardio intervals. It is a fast, fun and effective way to get in shape.

Dance Fitness

Get your glow on with this dynamic combination of cardiovascular exercise and choreographed dance moves. Dance fitness integrates moderate-to- high-intensity cardio and a variety of world-beat-inspired dance combinations with all-out fun.

Groove Method

DANCE YOUR HEALTH! Simplify and re-define different types of dances by transforming them into a cardio-vascular workout really easy to follow. Dancing is a super fun activity that is ideal if you want to stay in shape and also enjoy working out so jump in the adventure with us!

Hula Hoop

Hoop dance is a great activity for those who want to make their weekly workout a ton of fun. Hula hooping is a fantastic way to improve core strength and flexibility and enjoy a cardiovascular workout…

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a physical activity that puts you through you pace with poles. It combines the simplicity and accessibility of walking with aerobic benefits similar to Nordic skiing. The result is a full-body walking workout that burns more calories by engaging the core and other upper-body muscles.

Outdoor Cardio

In Outdoor Cardio courses you will do dynamic stretches & exercices, intervals, and relaxation inspired by Tai Chi. Through these varied exercices you will be able to improve your cardiovascular condition, to maximise weight loss as well as increase the muscle tone of your body while having a blast in the park.


Pilates works every muscle in your body. Contrary to an intense muscular workout on strength training equipment, Pilates works the smaller muscles that build and maintain good posture. Benefits include reduced back pain, stronger abdominal muscles and increased overall flexibility.

Plein Air Tonus

Plein Air Tonus courses consist of doing various bodybuilding exercises in order to develop your strength and the muscle tone of every muscular group of your body while having a blast in the park!


Join us for an 8-week running group designed for those new to running and don't know where to start or those wishing to understand how to run better and longer. Lolë's specialized running coaches will teach you the basics of midfoot running in order to make your running effortless and get you through that 5k, 10k or half-marathon...injury free!


If you can walk, you can snowshoe! So strap on a pair and join us. It’s an accessible way to breathe in some fresh air, play in the snow… and experience the feel-good benefits of this light-to-moderate cardiovascular activity.


Socacize is a creative blend of high/low impact aerobics combined with African and Caribbean dance movements synchronized to a fun variety of music including: calypso, soca, zouk, reggae, salsa, dancehall and on occasion drums. This exhilarating calorie-burning Caribbean work-out focuses on cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training and includes toning and tightening drills to target all those important areas; arms, abs, legs and butt! Everyone welcome!


Learn how to gently open, stretch and strengthen the body through a series of postures. The practice of yoga teaches you how to unite the mind, body, breath and spirit and helps you to achieve greater balance - mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.

Yoga Pilates

Through a fluid sequence of movements combined with respiration techniques, the participant is brought to work on his flexibility, maximize his efforts and strengthen his abs to there for reduce the risks of back injuries. Arms, abs, bum and leg muscles are all solicited to have a toner silhouette and better posture.


Dance yourself into shape with Zumba, the world’s fastest-growing dance fitness phenom. This Latin-inspired dance fitness program blends dance and aerobic elements into an easy-to-follow choreography. Shake it up with hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo and even a few Bollywood and belly dance moves.

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