Being safely introduced to snowboarding at a young age is now possible through Tremblant's Burton Riglet Park set up in the Onésime learning area at the bottom of the South Side.

characteristics and advantages

  • Learning course on flat terrain
  • Robust modules
  • Smooth learning
  • Riglet Reel Snowboard rental

Access to the Burton Riglet Park

During the mountain opening hours, the access to the Riglet Park is reserved for the Tremblant Snow School. Kids aged 3 to 6 in a snowboard lesson can exclusively access modules and terrain fully adapted to their abilities for a smooth progression. More, kids who are at their first snowboarding experience can access Burton Riglet Reel Snowboards equipped with a fastening system allowing the instructor to guide the snowboard.

Out of hours Snow School opening, Burton Riglet Park is accessible to all children aged 3 to 6:
  • With a snowboard no longer than 100 cm
  • Wearing a helmet
El Rigleto El Rigleto
New! El Rigleto

Young kids can now take part in a fun and stimulating event with their parents on a day of activities inspired by the El Niño event for older kids.

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