In the tracks of its 75th anniversary celebrating young mountain aficionados of tomorrow, Tremblant is pleased to offer families a kids' zone that expands their slide skills through play.

Accessed via the Nansen Bas trail on the South Side, the narrow trail is enhanced with assorted games and obstacles as it winds its way through forest and glades. It features 8 sculptures of animals that live in the Laurentian forest. Each animal proposes a slide tip and a safety regulation drawn from the Mountain Code of Conduct. Further down, youngsters also discover a tree house equipped with footbridges, a slide and tam-tams.

Say hi to the animals in Tremblant’s fun zone
The white-tailed deer is always on the move and frolics with ease. It loves to eat green plants and the buds and twigs of shrubs. They can be seen all over Tremblant.

cerf tam tam
The black bear can stand on two legs and is good at climbing trees. Despite its size and weight, it moves with surprising agility. It hibernates throughout the winter.

ours noir tam tam
The wolf is a skilled hunter that’s always on the lookout. It can run up to 50 km/h and travels dozens of kilometres every night. The wolf rarely lives alone and travels in a pack.
loup tam tam
The porcupine moves calmly and climbs up trees to eat bark. Even though it has 30,000 quills it can use to attack or defend, the porcupine prefers to avoid confrontation.
porc epic tam tam
The owl has amazing hearing and is active mostly at night. It’s easily recognized by a call that is composed of 8 hoots ending with HOO-AW.

Chouette tam tam
The beaver slaps the water with its tail to communicate with other members of its family. Its tail can measure up to 30 cm long and can reach 18 cm wide and 4 cm thick.
Castor tam tam
Slim and light, the hare has long hind legs and moves by hopping. A hare’s hop can measure up to 3 meters. It’s also very fast and can run up to 45 km/h.

Lievre tam tam
Small in size, the fox is known for being very clever. It has a long snout and its ears point straight up. Its most common cry is a series of three to five short, quick barks that sound like WOW WOW WOW.
Renard tam tam