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    • These internationally renowned athletes, who come mostly from the region, are models of perseverance, discipline and passion. They reflect the values conveyed by Tremblant. This union goes beyond skills and perfectly illustrates the feeling of belonging of those athletes to the mountain and the pride of the entire community for their success.

      Erik Guay
      Alpine skiing

      "Tremblant is where I learned to ski and where I learned to love skiing. It is home."

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      In December 2013, Erik Guay set a Canadian record with his 21st World Cup podium, 3 of which were first places. He is the most decorated Canadian alpine World Cup skier of all time and has won a grand total of 23 alpine World Cup podiums. Erik won the 2010 Super-G Crystal Globe as well as becoming the 2011 Downhill world champion at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. He is the first Canadian to ever win this title. Erik finished 4th at the 2006 Turin Olympic Games and twice 5th at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Erik has represented Canada at three Olympic games.

      All sports such as hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf, cycling and car racing.

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      Jasey-Jay Anderson
      Alpine snowboarding

      "Tremblant is magic! The dance of seasons offers versatility and accessibility for all sports, including cycling, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding or anything else that will make people happy. Living here is a true vacation!"

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      After winning 4 World Championship gold medals, Jasey-Jay wins the gold medal in the parallel giant slalom event at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. He also competed in his fifth Winter Games in Sochi.

      Victories were not handed on a silver platter. Jasey-Jay overcame many obstacles along the way and made it to the top with perseverance and discipline. He is now a speaker and shares his inspiring story, while taking care of the family’s blueberry plantation in the Tremblant area. He also runs his own high performance snowboard manufacturing company: Jasey-Jay Snowboards.

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      Brittany Phelan
      Ski cross

      "Racing is what I do, skiing is who I am, and Tremblant is my home."

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      A member of the Canadian national team, Brittany Phelan has been on the FIS World Cup circuit since the age of 17. In 2012-13, she first garnered attention by finishing every World Cup circuit race in the top 30, topping it off with a top 10 in Croatia. She also took part in four races on the North American circuit, finishing 2nd and 3rd in two of them during the same season. At the start of the 2015-2016 ski season, Brittany makes a big decision and goes from alpine skiing to ski cross.

      To be able to participate in the next three winter Olympics, and maybe get Gold. She hopes to evolve on the competitive circuit as long as possible and share her passion for skiing with future generations. Brittany is following in the footsteps of her two heroes: Erik Guay and Mélanie Turgeon, both from Mont-Tremblant.

      Mountain biking, hiking, skateboarding, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing, and her next sport: base jumping.

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      Valérie Grenier
      Alpine skiing

      "I grew up on the slopes of Tremblant. The diversity of the ski area has made me a versatile skier, and the beauty of this mountain has led me to love the sport even more."

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      "My parents taught me to ski when I was 2 years old and I loved it from the start. So I joined the Tremblant team at a young age and started competing when I was around 7. When I progressed to K2 (U16), I went on the EDLS team (Équipe de la Division Laurentienne de Ski). After my first year in FIS, I continued on to the Quebec Team and joined the National Development Team the following year."

      Win more Nor-Am Cups, finish in the top 30 at the next World Cup, participate in lots of Olympic Games and, most of all, win an Olympic medal


      Valerie participated in water skiing competitions until the age of 15 and still loves to do the sport for fun. She also likes road and mountain biking and plays tennis.


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      Alexis Guimond
      Para-alpine skiing

      "Skiing is a passion that pushes my limits! There aren’t many places on our beautiful planet where we can train hard and then reward yourself by spending time with your friends in an beautiful village at the bottom of the hill."

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      Alexis began skiing at 4, inspired by his older brother who was racing on the regional circuit. At age 6, he entered alpine skiing competitions. By age 9, he had joined the para-alpine ski circuit. He wins gold at the Canada Games in 2015 and is part of the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski team for the 2016-2017 season. He won his first World Cup Giant Slalom race in January 2017 at Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, at age 17.

      He is aiming for the podium at the 2017 World Championships in Tarvisio in both technical and speed events. Holding the Crystal Globe and winning gold at the Paralympic Games are his ultimate goals.

      Alexis mountain bikes and enjoys photography and video creation. He is studying and plans to be working in marketing as his second career.

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      Simon Fournier
      Alpine skiing

      "Skiing is an intensive sport and there’s no secret recipe to succeed into it. My desire to perform is what makes me outdo myself in all manners. This is what I appreciate the most from this sport, that passionate me more each day."

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      At age 2, Simon Fournier tried for the first time skiing, and a love affair started. He was participating at his first race at age 4. The following winter, he joined Tremblant’s ski racing program. Since then, his passion never stopped growing! The Super Série Sports Experts presented by Audi made him winner in 2015 and 2016. This last year, he joined the Canadian ski team.

      For this season, he targets the Nor-Am’s top 10 and the Alpine Junior World Ski Championship’s top 15. Also, he wishes to be part of the 2022 Olympic Games… and maybe bring back home a medal!

      Cycling is also one of his hobbies, but he particularly likes mountain biking. The fun part: it is complementary to his physical training program. He also loves listening to music, and even more when in concert!

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      Marina Vilanova
      Alpine skiing

      "Tremblant is my playground. Glades in the winter and hiking in the summer, this is where ma passion for outdoors was born."

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      Marina Vilanova started skiing when she was 2 and, by age 10, she joined the Club de ski Mont-Tremblant Club Elite program. In 2013, she joined the Laurentian Ski Division. On her first year on the FIS circuit, she made the Quebec Team selections and a year later, she reached the Canada Alpin national development team, where she still evolves. During the 2016/17 season, she places in the top 5 at a few Nor-Am Cup races.

      • Top 30 in Europa Cup races
      • Top 3 in Nor-Am Cup
      • 2022 Olympics

      She loves to explore the world and her ski trips allow her to discover various countries and cultures. When she’s not racing or training, she jumps on her mountain bike, goes sailing or plays soccer and tennis.

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      Philippe Langevin
      Slopestyle Skiing

      "My brother was skiing and I admired his talent. He inspired me and I followed in his path. I fell in love with the sport on Day 1!"

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      In March 2016, at age 14, Philippe Langevin wins the Canadian Junior Slopestyle Championship in Beaver Valley, in Ontario. In the 2016/17 season, he is a member of the Quebec Slopestyle Skiing Team and he wins the first event of the Canadian Open Tour. He also stood on the podium next to Vincent Gagnier (winner of the 2015 X-Games Big Air), which brought him the motivation and confidence to continue his journey.

      Become a member of the National Team to participate in the Dew Tour and X-Games, but most of all, never lose the pleasure he has when he goes down the hill.

      Mountain biking, trampoline, surf, wakeboard and hockey.

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      Arnaud Gaudet
      Alpine snowboarding

      "My perfect day? Ride Tremblant’s Versant Soleil on my snowboard."

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      Member of the Canadian Alpine Snowboard Team, Arnaud Gaudet started snowboarding when he was only three years old, on the magic carpet in Tremblant, surrounded by his big brother and his parents. At age 16, he entered the World Cup circuit and is to date the youngest alpine snowboarding athlete to have ever won a NorAm Cup race. In 2017, Arnaud won the title of Best masculine elite athlete at Gala Excellence sportive des Laurentides.

      Finish top 4 as often as possible on the Nor-Am circuit, reach top 8 at the World Junior Championships and top 32 in a World Cup.

      Arnaud plays U18 competitive soccer and skateboards in his spare time.

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      Magali Tisseyre

      "Mont-Tremblant is where my inspiration comes from. It is where I lived my first sports experiences and this is where my dreams were born! Triathlon is a sport that has fascinated me for nearly 10 years."

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      Magali Tisseyre discovers triathlon quite late and participates in her first triathlon event at the end of her first year of training: "It was a little crazy. But I believed in it." She then moves to Western Canada and devotes all her time to training. After an exciting early career podium, she suffers a chronic injury and must fight to stay in the sport. Since 2014, Magali is back on the competitive scene with more motivation than ever!

      Dream big: Magali sees herself winning the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.

      Becoming a professional triathlete had a price. To reduce any risk of injury, Magali had to put aside all the other sports she loved: alpine skiing, waterskiing, mountain biking, motocross, snowboard cross, and windsurfing. But she is fine with her decisions; after her career, she intends to pick up where she left off.
      For the moment, she fills her free time with relaxing activities that help her recover and rest: reading, watching movies, going to the beach with her boyfriend Éric, and creating video montages. Adventurous at heart, Magali loves travelling and always looks forward to discovering new places!


      Félix Burke
      Cross-country mountain biking

      "Tremblant is the perfect playground for mountain biking. It is motivating to have a national level race at home and it gives me an advantage over other racers. Our local community is filled with elite athletes that are great role models, and they inspire me to push my limits."

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      Félix Burke is member of the National Development Team, Quebec Team, JoVelo Tremblant, and the Rocky Mountain Factory Team. Felix has only been practicing this sport for four years and is already a local Olympic hopeful.

      To be ranked among the bests on the international circuit and to earn a spot on the team that will represent Canada at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

      Félix is a full-time student at the university of Victoria. He is also happy to give back to his community by organising, in collaboration with JoVelo, a 3-day summer bike camp in Tremblant for kids aged 9 to 14 years old called Trail Trybe.


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      Pierre Plouffe

      "Mont-Tremblant is the only place in the world where someone can park his car in one area and go waterskiing, golfing, mountain biking and play tennis. Tremblant is unique!"

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      Pierre Plouffe had a successful career and has won a total of 27 Canadian championships. Despite his pause as a competitive athlete in1989, Pierre decides to get back in shape and resumes competition in2006. He has since won three World Championships in combined disciplines. Waterskiing legend, Pierre aims for first place in the next World Championships!

      "Compete as long as possible and, as long as my health lets me, continue to work in the most beautiful office that exists: Tremblant Beach and Tennis Club. I would also like to bring home the 2016 World Championship title."

      In addition to practicing his favorite sport during summer, Pierre loves boating and road biking. In the winter, Pierre transmits his passion for skiing as he works as a ski instructor at Tremblant Snow School. To keep fit in between seasons, Pierre trains and exercises indoors. He also trains and competes in Florida at McCormick Water Ski & Wake Board School from mid-March to mid-May.


    • These young athletes training on our slopes are seeing a boom in their sporting career. Their performances in their respective disciplines stand out at the provincial and national levels. With the Canadian team in sight, they are working with passion and determination. We recognize their talent and support them toward achieving their goals.
      Émile Gaudet Émile Gaudet
      Émile Gaudet

      Alpine snowboarding

      Pierre-Arthur Martel Pierre-Arthur Martel
      Pierre-Arthur Martel

      Slopestyle snowboard

      Noah Porter MacLennan Noah Porter MacLennan
      Noah Porter MacLennan

      Slopestyle ski

    • Tremblant is proud to have supported these retired athletes during their sporting career. As they begin a new chapter in their life, we would like to thank them for their generous contribution and also wish them the best in all future endeavours. We can say without a doubt that the discipline, perseverance, and commitment which they have developed during their athletic career will help them reach new heights. Here is their sporting career at a glance.

      Ariane Lavigne
      Alpine snowboarding

      "For an alpine snowboarder, there's nothing better than a beautiful, long, well-groomed run. I love to make it to the First Tracks and enjoy riding with friends or family on MY mountain. Days like these are priceless!"

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      Member of the Canadian National Team from 2009 to 2015, Ariane Lavigne advanced her career on the World Cup circuit and participated in three World Championships as well as in the Olympic Games in Sochi. She won third place in the parallel GS snowboard event at the 2013 World Cup in Sochi, her first career podium. Canadian champion in parallel slalom in 2011 and 2014, Ariane also won the Nor-Am Cup in 2011. Ariane has been working as a nutritionist on the Vivaï Expert in Nutrition team. She wants to encourage athletes and active people to opt for a healthier diet to reach their full potential and achieve their objectives.

      "I intend to stay fit, discover and improve myself in different sports! I will focus on activities that I can practice in my region, such as triathlon training, mountain biking and fat biking. I will also continue to have fun on the slopes with my family and friends, either snowboarding or skiing! I will also take this opportunity to invest myself full-time into my career as a nutritionist, a profession I have been passionate about since 2008. It's my turn to give back to my community. By recommending them a diet suited to their needs, I wish to help people around me reach their personal goals and develop their full potential."

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      Jeffrey Frisch
      Alpine skiing

      "There is nothing like early morning skiing at Tremblant with friends and family, enjoying the crisp air, groomed tracks, with a hot chocolate to top it off. I am grateful to wake up every morning and do what I am most passionate about."

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      Born in the Italian Alps, Jeffrey Frisch moved to Tremblant at the age of 19. In 2010, Jeffrey earns his place on the Canadian Olympic Team but an unfortunate injury one week prior to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics keeps him on the sidelines. A World Cup skier for the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Jeffrey continues to pursue his ambition: becoming a world-class athlete! True to his values, he supports athletes of his community through mentorship.

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      Caroline Calvé
      Alpine snowboarding

      "Tremblant is my adoptive mountain! Thanks to Tremblant’s alpine snowboard racing program, I moved to the area to join the Club de ski Mont-Tremblant team and start my athletic career. Tremblant is my favorite mountain when I'm in Quebec and in between competitions."

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      In 2011, Caroline Calvé makes history by becoming the first Canadian woman to win a World Cup in alpine snowboarding. She participates in the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver and finishes 6th at the 2014 Olympics Games in Sochi. Once her athletic career is over, Caroline would like to pursue in the media industry. She would love to be a commentator for the Olympic Games and share the story of the athletes of tomorrow. Having been trained in TV animation and radio, she hopes to work in communications in the coming years.

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      Julien Cousineau
      Alpine skiing

      "Tremblant is a mountain with a great skiing history in Quebec; I have learnt to know it and love it!"

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      Julien Cousineau starts skiing at Lac Carling in the Lachute area at the age of 2. Later he joins his friend Erik Guay and his father Conrad at Club de Ski Mont-Tremblant. They work very well together and this association boosts their learning and development. Julien Cousineau, a slalom specialist, earns the best Olympic result in the history of Canada in men's slalom after finishing 8th at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

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      Robin Fémy
      Para-alpine skiing

      "I was born in the Alps in France, but I learned to ski and to love this sport here, in Tremblant. This is my second home."
      As a high level skier, Robin Fémy got the opportunity to guide a blind skier and enjoyed it so much that he began guiding on the World Cup Series. « Training and performing as a team of two really is fulfilling! I am very happy to have gotten that chance. Robin collaborated with Chris Williamson when he won the World Champion title as well as Mac Marcoux, when he became Paralympic champion in 2014.

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