Winter season passes
You can purchase your subscription:
  • online
  • by phone at 1-866-253-8235
  • in person by visiting our Guest Services Desk at Chalet des Voyageurs

When is the best time to buy my pass?
To take advantage of our best deals, purchase your pass during the spring for the following season. Subscribe to Tremblant communications and contact Guest Services for more details.

Do I have to pay Provincial Tax and Goods and Services Tax on my pass or card?
Yes, passes are subject to both taxes. A royalty corresponding to 3% of the indicated price will be added to your invoice for all goods and services. This royalty corresponds to the percentage of contribution settled by the Tremblant's Resort Association. If you add the Ski Pass Preserve insurance, you will also have to add the 9% insurance premium tax (only on the insurance portion).
Ski Season Passes (Unlimited Season Passes, Hookie, Sublime) cannot be refunded under any circumstance without the Ski Pass Preserver. For more information on this insurance program, visit the section "Ski Pass Options".
The age reference date for all passes is the age at the date of purchase except for the following passes: Student, Youth, Kids and Peewee for which the date of reference is September 30 of the current year.

Can I benefit from an age-related discount if my birthday occurs during the season?
The age reference date is the one on the day of purchase. However, if you turn 70 (Senior) or 80 (Master) during the season, you can pay for your pass at our Guest Services Desk when it's most economical and wait to pick-up the pass until your birthday.
To get the family adult rate, passholder must live at the same address as a student, youth, child or peewee passholder.
Unlimited Season Passes and Hookie Pass offer exclusive privileges. Sublime pass also offers privileges.
The seasonal and daily Express-Line options allow you to avoid waiting in the main line ups and gain access to the priority line at the lifts to maximize your time on the slopes.

  • Included with the Montagnards Unlimited Pass and Hookie Pass with exclusive privileges.
  • Seasonal access is available to Unlimited Season Pass passholders for $529. Cannot be refunded under any circumstance without the Ski Pass Preserver insurance program.
  • Montagnards Members who don’t have an Unlimited Season Pass or a Hookie Pass with exclusive privileges can purchase Express-Line daily tickets at the Customer Services Desk located in Chalet des Voyageurs.
  • Visa Infinite Privileges credit card holders can purchase Express-Line daily tickets at the Customer Services Desk located in Chalet des Voyageurs.
  • Montagnards members can purchase daily tickets for family and friends while Visa Infinite Privileges card holders can purchase these tickets for their personal use or for a direct family member only. The seasonal Express-Line option is the only option that cannot be transferred.
  • A passholder who wishes to purchase the seasonal Express-Line option for the first time must visit the Customer Services Desk located in Chalet des Voyageurs to pick up a smart card.
  • Upon renewal, the smart card from the previous year will be reactivated.
  • Give priority access to the following lifts: TGV, Panoramic Gondola, Duncan Express, Expo Express, Le Soleil, Flying Mile, Lowell Thomas.

Your Tremblant Pass
Your Tremblant pass is connected to your online profile. The pass must be reused from year to year and any new purchase of ski or golf products will be automatically added to your pass. A service fee of $5 will be requested to reprint the plastic card (fee non-refundable).
Your 2016-2017 season pass will automatically be reactivated on your previous year’s Tremblant pass. Only students from 18 to 29 years old buying a student pass must present themselves in one of our multi-services counter with a photo ID and full-time student proof (student card with picture and schedule of courses) to reactive their pass.

New passholder
Make your way to one of our multiservice counters with a photo ID. A proof of age will be requested for all the following passes: peewee, children, youth, student, senior and master. Students must present a student card and a schedule of classes (full-time only).
Immediately report your lost or stolen Tremblant pass at any Guest Services counter.
Sublime Pass + Latitude Card: Your Sublime Pass is priority on the days included in the specific pass calendar. If you come on a day when the pass is not valid, one of your Latitude Card days will be used until they are used up, unless you come during the restricted period of December 27, 2017 to January 3, 2018. If you have the DTL option and you come during the restricted period or if your Latitude Card days are already used up, you will be charged for a lift ticket including the discount effective on that day.
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Student Pass
You are submitting a request for an exclusive offer. For quality control purposes, and to ensure only those people who fall under the required conditions are able to obtain this special offer, we have a very short qualification process we ask you to participate in. All information collected is strictly controlled and is never shared outside the context of this particular verification request.
Purchase by phone at 1-866-253-8235 (toll-free). Student Pass, privileges and your free gift (if purchased by May 30, 2017) will be activated and remitted upon presentation of a valid student photo ID and a full-time class schedule for the Fall 2017 or Winter 2018 academic session.
This rarely happens. All organizations are going to give you some kind of official document that we'll accept, but on the occasion you cannot provide us any acceptable proof of validation, we will not be able to allow you to continue to the offer.
SheerID is a third-party verification service that works on behalf of retailers to verify an individual's affiliations. For information on our services, visit
This is something we take extremely seriously. We only use someone's information to confirm their eligibility. We do not rent their information. We do not sell their information. We do not store documents or images uploaded to our system.

Read our full privacy policy
Currently, this offer is only being verified via our online verification service. Our safe and secure process is the fastest way to complete your verification and successfully access your offer. If you have extenuating circumstances, please call us at 1-866-253-8235.
Yes, you can contact us by phone at 1-866-253-8235. You will be joined within 24 business hours.
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Ski Pass Options
Ski season passes as well as Snow School weekend programs can be paid in 4 installments as part of a purchase program. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must visit our Guest Services Desk between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. before May 30, 2017, and provide a valid photo ID and a void check. You will then receive a contract including complete terms and conditions. The 4 installments will be automatically taken from your bank account on July 15, August 15, September 15 and October 15. A $25 administrative fee applies.
The DTL option links your Tremblant pass to your credit card, so you don’t have to wait in line at the ticket office. When your ski pass is not valid, just go directly to the lift and start enjoying your day! A secure payment with your applicable discount will be automatically applied to your card.

  • Passholders can activate the DTL option at our Guest Services Desk or by phone.
  • Most credit cards are accepted.
  • The DTL option integrates PCI security standards.
The Resort Charge option links your Tremblant pass or card to your credit card, so you don’t have to take your wallet out! Valid at all Tremblant points of rentals and sale. Upon presentation of your Tremblant Pass, a secure payment with your applicable discount, if any, will be automatically applied to your card.

  • Available on all Tremblant Passes (Unlimited Season Passes, Hookie Pass, Sublime Pass and Latitude Card.
  • To activate this option, you must complete and sign the acceptance form at the Guest Services Desk.
  • To deactivate the option, contact Guest Services. The option can be deactivated at any time if the Pass is lost or stolen, or at your sole discretion. Immediately report your lost or stolen Tremblant pass at any Guest Services counter.
  • Most credit cards are accepted.
  • The Resort Charge option integrates PCI security standards.


Adrénaline, Atomic Tremblant, Burton Tremblant, Chamonix, Columbia Tremblant, Explore!, Lolë Tremblant, Le Manitou, Le Skieur, Magasin de la Place, Oakley Tremblant, Salomon Tremblant, Le Ski Shop, Sport 360, Tremblant & CO.

Rental Centres
Chalet des Voyageurs, Sommet des Neiges, North Side, Sport 360

Cafeterias and bars
Grand Manitou, Café Johannsen, Chalet des Voyageurs , La Fourchette du Diable (winter/north), Le Diable and Le Géant Golfs

Services and activities
Aquaclub La Source, Beach and Tennis Club, Kidz Club Daycare, Le Diable Golf, Le Géant Golf, Mini-Golf Le Petit-Géant, Tremblant Snow School, Ticket offices
Family emergency, illnesses and plenty more can interrupt your upcoming ski season. Ski Pass Preserver, from Red Sky Insurance, will cover your season pass investment under certain conditions. All Intrawest ski resorts adhere to this policy and Ski Season Passes (Unlimited Season Passes, Hookie, Sublime) cannot be refunded under any circumstance without the Ski Pass Preserver insurance program.

  • Ski Pass Preserver can be added up to the beginning of the season. However, if you purchase your pass after the season has started, you will only be able to get your Ski Pass Preserver upon purchase of your season pass.
  • Review the benefits and policy or call them with questions at 1-866-889-7409 or via email.
  • To buy now, call us at 1-866-253-8235.

Can I cancel my Ski Pass Preserver insurance?
You can cancel you Ski Pass Preserver coverage within 10 days of purchase and get a full refund. All Ski Pass Preserver purchases made after November 12, 2017 are non-refundable.
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Winter Equipment Rentals
  • Performance skis: Advance and expert skiers
  • Regular skis: Beginners and intermediate skiers
  • Kids skis: 12 year-old skiers and less
  • Performance snowboard: Expert snowboarders
  • Regular snowboard: Beginners and occasional snowboarders
  • Kids snowboard: 12 year-old snowboarders and less
You have already made your reservation? You can use our online form to complete the profile for each member of your family or your group (age, weight, height, ability level and shoe size).

Fill the online form →

If you don’t have access to Internet or if you have booked less than 72 hours prior to your arrival, please call the express rental centre at 1-877-944-4410.

Where to pick-up
Once you have completed the online form, make your way to the Centre Aventure Sommet des Neiges with your leasing contract copy given by your hotel front desk, and a credit card for the deposit guarantee.
When you book your equipment for 2 days or more, you can take a day off without having to return your equipment to the rental center.
Never leave your equipment unattented or unlocked. Lost, stolen or incomplete rental equipment will be charged to the lessee at the full detail price. Many spaces are provided on site to lock your equipment. Take notice of your identification snowboard number which is on your leasing contract. It is important to always carry with you a copy of the contract.
Our Ski Valet Service is located on the South Side at the bottom of the gondola and will allow you to store your equipment safely. If you are lodging on site,this service will be offered by your hotel.
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Tremblant Snow School
The Flaik™ GPS offers real-time tracking of the wearer and lets you know precisely where your kid is on the mountain. Skiers and snowboarders can access their daily statistics on Internet. Complimentary for kids 12 years old and under in most programs and lessons with Tremblant Snow School. The lightweight hard cased GPS is attached with a band above the ski boot.

Daily Statistics on Internet
Create your profile at using the information handed out after your lesson and easily access interesting stats from your day on the hill or your ski vacations:
  • Total vertical elevation
  • Traveled distance
  • Maximum and cruise speed
  • Time spent on the mountain
  • Trails visited

Share your results on your favourite Social Media Networks like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, etc

Seasonal Programs
  • Maximize the time spent on the slopes.
  • Enjoy priority access to the lifts during your lesson when accompanied by the instructor.
  • Photo of the group included (except for Alternative programs).
  • Flaik™ GPS tracking system included forkids 12 years old and under.
  • Children aged 3 to 12 registered in our programs will be welcomed at the Kidz Club at 8:30 a.m. from January 13 to March 18, 2018.
When included in the program, a healthy balanced lunch is provided for the children. It always includes fresh sandwiches, soup, fruit, juice and dessert.
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You bought a golf round and wish to reserve your tee time? Book online or by phone at 1-866-783-5634.
Yes. All you need to do is book your tee time at regular price. Your credit card won't be charged. However, you must respect the validity period (Sunday to Friday). Hand your T-Golf Silver Ticket on your arrival at the golf course.
A tee time reservation must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. In case of a no-show player, the total amount will be charged on the credit card securing the reservation. The total amount represents all players: if only one credit card secures the reservation for 4 players, the credit card will be charged for the 4 players’ tee time reservation.
Royal Canadian Golf Association’s rules apply unless modified by local rules.

  • Out of bounds: Please drop from point of entry (red stake rule). 1-stroke penalty.
  • Free drop away from marked trees.
  • No more than foursomes at all times.
  • Be courteous.
  • Please repair ball marks and replace divots.
  • Please keep golf carts on paths around tees, greens and par threes.
  • According to the Quebec Act respecting liquor permits, only alcoholic beverages purchased at the golf’s snack bar or mobile canteen can be consumed on site.

Specific to Le Diable golf course
  • Out of bounds: No out of bounds on Le Diable.
  • Par 3 – Drop Areas:
    • Hole 3: to the right of the hole, in front of the yellow tees.
    • Hole 6: over the lake, on the right side.
    • Hole 14, ladies: in front of the yellow tees.

Specific to Le Géant golf course
  • Out of bounds: For Le Géant golf course, numbers 11, 12, 13 and 17, on the left side defined by white stakes.
  • Polo or mock neck
  • Pants or bermuda or skirt for woman
  • Spikeless or casual golf shoes
Soft studded shoes or running shoes. No metal studs are accepted on the course. The golfer will be charged $15 per shoe pair to have metal studs changed before accessing the golf course.
Yes, the clubhouse has changing rooms and showers for you to use. However, towels are not supplied. Head to the golf’s boutique to rent available lockers for the season: a small locker costs $100 and a tall one costs $150.
The player assistance, or Marshall, is a person moving across the golf course and present at all time to answer players’ questions and supervise the golf course, while making sure teams are on-schedule and not delaying others’ tee time.
A guest can join a team as a spectator for free, if he follows a paying player in an incomplete team or a team with an odd number of players. However, if the spectator wishes to have access to a cart when the team is composed of a peer number of players, he must pay a $30 fee. No reservation needed for a spectator.
Food and beverages that were not purchased at the clubhouse are forbidden on the course. Tremblant Golf reserves the right to eject offenders. Food and beverage services are available at the clubhouse and a cart moving around the court also offers the service.
The golf’s rules about the allocated time to play will be applied at all time by the Club’s employees.

Who as priority on the course?
Can my quartet get pass a slower one? All groups (from a player alone to a quartet) must respect the game speed and the interval of time between them and the preceding group. All groups losing time over a hole or who lost a clear hole should invite the next group to pass up front, if it is waiting.
Of course. You can join an incomplete quartet or play alone, if no other quartet arrives for a tee time. Tremblant Golf reserves the right to add a player to any incomplete quartet.
The group representative must head to the golf boutique at least an hour before the first tee time.
Courses’ daily seeding, aeration and maintenance can be made at all-time during the day.
Golfers who desire to continue playing after the 18th hole can buy an additional tee time for $30 per player (royalty and taxes extra) for all age categories. The additional tee time must be played on the same course, the same day. It can only be bought at the clubhouse.
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Enter Canada
When travelling to Canada, you'll want to make sure you have the proper Canada travel documents for you and all members of your family travelling with you to prove you have the legal right to enter the country.

Everyone from every country arriving in Canada by air, land and sea needs a passport or equivalent travel document. U.S citizens can use other valid travel documents such as a NEXUS Card, a U.S. Passeport Card or an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL).
If you are travelling with children, you must carry required identification documents for each child under 18 years old.

Divorced parents who share custody of their children should carry copies of the legal custody documents. Adults who are not parents or guardians must have written permission from the parents or guardians to accompany the children. When travelling with a group of vehicles, parents or guardians should travel in the same vehicle as the children for border crossing.
Visitors are allowed to bring certain goods as part of their "personal baggage", but some products are limited (such as cigarettes and alcohol) and, in some cases, prohibited by Canada Customs.
You may or may not need a temporary resident visa to visit Canada, depending on your citizenship. However, even if you are exempt, there is important information you need to know before you plan your trip.
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