Direction team

The TRA benefits from the expertise of seasoned managers in all of its sectors of activity, including a General Manager charged with overseeing the creation and implementation of a concerted action plan.
Pierre Bertrand
General Manager
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Caroline Fleury
Senior Director, Marketing, Sales, Communications and Programming
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Gabriel Savard
Finance and Administration Director
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Linda Lloyd
Operations Director
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General Management
Pierre Bertrand

General Manager

Diane Desrosiers
Administrative Assistant

Cindy Lefebvre

Administrative Assistant


The programming is a major component of the unique experience guests enjoy at Tremblant. An integrated programming of public, interactive and educational activities, special events and international happenings makes it possible to attract different clienteles throughout the year, including the soft periods, and create on-site entertainment to improve theguests' experience.

In conjunction with Station Mont Tremblant (SMT), the Tremblant Resort Association (TRA) is responsible for developing a program of activities and entertainment of interest to clienteles targeted by the marketing plan. In addition, its responsibilities also include finding sponsors and obtaining grants to carry out various events.

With several major events, the creation of a summer festival and daily entertainment throughout the summer, guests now enjoy more than 250 days of entertainment per year. This plays a big part in making Tremblant the most entertaining resort in North America.
Caroline Fleury
Senior Director, Marketing, Sales,
Communications and Programming
Laurence Bertrand
Events and Programming Manager
Vincent Denis
Production coordinator
Emmanuelle Lord
Production coordinator


The operations department also plays a major role in visitors' experience, contributing to their comfort by ensuring maintenance, security and transportation services (shuttle bus) on the site. This department is responsible for site planning and maintenance all year-round. It sees to landscaping and decorative elements as well as the maintenance of urban furnishings and snow removal. It further manages policies regulating access, deliveries, posting and the use of public areas, and is responsible for security in the pedestrian village.

Finally, the operations department provides logistical support during events and handles the maintenance of infrastructures of benefit to all partners, i.e., the La Source Aquaclub and the Centre des congrès Tremblant (convention centre).
Linda Lloyd
Operations Director
Yves Guy
Operation Manager
Marie-Ève Fournier
Operations Coordinator
Martin Arsenault
Suzanne Dubois
Information Center Agent

Marketing, Sales and Communications

Significant destination marketing efforts must be deployed in order to increase revenues for lodging owners and commercial tenants, as well as for the ski operator and other resort facilities. In conjunction with all partners, the Tremblant Resort Association (TRA) has developed a three-year collective marketing plan, which is updated on a regular basis.
The TRA is responsible for the strategy and the coordination of the destination's marketing (brochures, shows, advertising) and looks after the execution of the summer and winter advertising campaigns, in conjunction with all partners. This approach fosters respect of a single marketing vision for the resort as a whole.

The department is ultimately responsible for all public relations for the destination and for public relations pertaining to events.
Caroline Fleury
Senior Director, Marketing, Sales,
Communications and Programming
Isabelle Vallée
PR and communications Manager
Pierre-Alexandre Legault
Communications and Public Relations Advisor
Bénédicte Masse-Desjardins
Destination Marketing Manager
Nathalie Royer
Marketing Coordinator
Joëlle Lecavalier
Destination Marketing Advisor
Geneviève Laplante-Thibault
Communication Coordinator
Renée Faille
Marketing and communication assistant

Lyn Lafleur
Graphic design and multimedias Coordinator
Marie-Chantal Thibault
Sales Manager, Groups & Conferences

Finance and administration

This department supports financial activities related to the TRA's various functions, ensuring the financial stability of the Association through sound and transparent management using the most efficient management tools and information. It helps ensure:

the control of the organization's various activities,
the collection of royalties and assessment fees,
the financial performance of independent units (Centre des congrès Tremblant and La Source Aquaclub),
the financial control of sponsorships.

Furthermore, the finance department controls the purchasing process and the awarding of contracts, while ensuring compliance with applicable standards,
regulations and laws. The budget is based on a three-year plan and is reviewed annually.
Gabriel Savard
Finance and Administration Director
Caroline Morin
Accounting clerk
Laurie Grenier
Technician accounts receivable
Luc Fortin
Accounting Technician – Payroll service

Quartier Tremblant – Base Camp

Quartier Tremblant – Base Camp has allowed us to develop new markets benefiting all members, with the convention/motivation now listed as one of the products targeted by the destination's marketing plan.This infrastructure benefits all hotel partners and helps generate additional stays on the site.

Quartier Tremblant – Base Camp strengthens Tremblant's position as a four-season business destination. It plays a major role in the development of the convention's market.
Julie Gosselin
Meeting and Convention Manager
Ann Lavigueur
Meeting and Convention Coordinator
Marie-Pier Hupé-Mongeon
Meeting and Convention Coordinator
Jessica Monfette
Meeting and Convention Coordinator